Perspective of a Heist – Binary Theater (ASU!)

BAM!  Already on to the next project, things are moving a lot faster than I thought they would.

The project of the next week (practically literally just the next week, the performance is on Sunday the 18th 7pm) is this series of one acts called “First Base” through the brand new and totally awesome Binary Theater here at ASU.  Basically, it’s to help freshman and transfer students feel at home and get connected by pairing them up with older directors/writers until they can find their way around the arts departments without looking like a total idiot (segue to me trying to get around the FAC building . . .).  So I’m paired with kick ass Danny Peterson as my director.

Little crazy, right?

The show is kind of a commentary on the weaknesses in the legal system and humanities own desire to rewrite history in the way that makes them look the best (or feel the best about themselves).  We have a bro, a do-gooder snob, and a punk/hipster music chick (along with the assume Bank Robber and Cop) who all present the experience of the heist from their own points of view and hindsight improved through some rose-y glasses.

What can I say?  It’s a great play, quick, dark but humorous, and I can’t to be a crazy music freak who rocks out hardcore during the robbery. (Totally not typecasting, right?).  You should definitely check it out.  Sunday the 18th around 7pm in the black box theater on Rural and University right next to the Improv theater (there’s a fro-yo store and an art supply store all in that corner, I think more investigation is required!)

Anyway, if you want to get involved in ASU theater as a non-major?  Definitely check out the Binary Theater, they are very inclusive and I hear has a lot of potential.  Check in later!

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