How freakin' awesome is that?

WOOT!  Okay, so remember the SAG feature film I was telling you about, The Aum’s Law?  Well turns out they’re here to stay!  They asked if I would be their Internet Presence Facilitator and Public Relations Representative.  (Finally those years of PR for choir and protests for Corona’s Clean Air are paying off!)

They’re a really exciting project hoping to expand far beyond what I originally thought as one great feature film.  Their actual ambition is to generate enough interest to become a strong film production company based here in Arizona!  They’re hoping to change some of the reputation and image of Arizona in much of the media and media industry, and show what it really has to offer.  Not to mention their film is tackling themes far more complex (involving high-level physics and philosophical notions of a kind of religious and compassionate “enlightenment”) than the average film.

As for me, I just set up their page http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Aums-Law/232873296765197.  You should definitely like this.  A lot of great opportunities to be involved will be posted here along with the status of the project in general.  Plus I’d really appreciate it :).  I’m foraying into the world of social media PR and am really excited.  I’d love feedback (on this blog please) on how you feel the page is set-up or recommendations you have for getting the word out there.  Pretty soon I’ll be running the blog on their up-coming webpage as well.

I’d love your advice!  If you’ve done this before or just know want you to see from the consumer’s point of view, let me know!  Let’s see what we can do 🙂

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