Prue’s Capstone

Sorry I didn’t catch you up!  I’ve been a little distracted with everything.  Theater’s been taking a bit of a background place to a new research position I just started, being vice-president of the Coalition for Global Awareness (, and a mentor for some high school science students in the Quanta program.  Oi.

But I did just perform in a musical showcase type-experience that was imagined-up and directed by the wonderful Prue Dense of the ASU theater department.  Her thesis was on emphasizing the joy of performing over particular acting methods to create a truly energized performance.

I got to perform the numbers Girl in 14GCellblock Tango (as Velma, it was fabulous)

Betcha you woulda done the same.
He Had it Coming

Lady Marmalade (as Pink’s role), Song of Love (from Once Upon a Mattress), What is this Feeling from Wicked (as an adorable Ozian), and Totally Fucked from Spring Awakening (as another fucked up child).

Other numbers included: Therapy (from Tick, tick, boom!), Once upon a December (from Anastasia), and others!!!

It was a blast and I got to perform at the Madcap theaters in the NewTimes room.  It was a great experience and I’ve made some very good friends.  If I was smart, I would’ve posted before the show so you could’ve seen it.  But instead, you can just imagine how fantastic it was 😉

Heads up!  Prue is writing another capstone, this one combining ancient mythology with a modern career and a monologue based on song lyrics.  Sound crazy?  You bet 🙂

And this time I’ll keep you posted.  Or just keep posting ?

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