Major Update!

Phew, have I been neglecting this.  But now, in an ecstatic mood and ready to keep going, I’m ready to catch up!  Completed my Phoenix Theater general season audition and am very proud of how I did.  Adelaide’s Lament and Song to the Moon turned out almost exactly how I wanted them to, which was a huge relief considering I really did have a ‘bad, bad cold’ the days leading up to the audition.  All I can say is I thank the audition gods for Airbourne, throat coat tea, and lots of honey and cough drops.  Also, I blame my brother for the cold.  Now it’s time to sign up for the summer dance camps, it’s time to up my dance ability and cast-ability, and it can’t hurt to practice before my modern dance class next semester.  Next up, audition for MET’s Songs for a New World.  I’m thrilled to be auditioning again.

But other than theater there’s been a lot going on in my life, as well.  In case you haven’t already heard (so sorry, any family member who is wonderful and subscribed to my blog, you’re getting a repeat) I’m now a double major in Global Studies and Biological Sciences (with a focus on Genetics, Cell, and Development).  And I’m unofficially minoring in either Math or Statistics depending on which direction I head in the next two semesters (decision making is something I’m still working on too).  Turns out, my mother was right, and my brain is absolutely addicted to biology (and those words aren’t easy for me to say).

Regardless, I have (since I last talked with you) been a research assistant with ASU professor Joanne Cacciatore targeting the psychological effects and grieving of parents who have experienced the loss of a baby.  I was a mentor for local high school students who were trying to get a more in depth exposure to the science of sustainability and the techniques or writing a college-level research paper.  And, I’m now Vice-president for a new organization on campus–the Coalition for Global Awareness–aiming at helping already existing clubs that champion a glocal issue or cause communicate, work together efficiently, get their word out there, and have more financial stability.  There are thousands of voices out their, we’re just the megaphone :).  It’s a very interesting experience, I’m putting together this years budget and I got to make the minutes for many of the meetings as well as we led our first Global Awareness Fair (a big event-ish).  And we’re looking into incorporating legally in the state of Arizona and applying for 501(c)(3) status.  It’s a crash-course in business.

Finally, most exciting of all, I have been honored with a study abroad opportunity by the Melikian Center’s Critical Languages Institute.  I will be going to Armenia this summer in late July after intensely studying the language during the day here at ASU.  I’m looking forward to more international experience and growth, studying the folk music there (have you heard it?  it’s fantastic), and learning a new language/accent I can put on my resume 🙂

And I’m going to be in a short film by James Collins.  It’s a small part, but it should be fun!

Honestly, I’m very glad I’m getting to revive the theater-side of my life, but I’m also completely embracing the new scientific turn my life is taking.  Turns out, I have a surprisingly scientific bent of mind (though maybe not surprising for my family, once again) and organizations like the Muscular Dystrophy Association Jocelyn Dotolo introduced me to seem like interesting potential future paths as well.  And politics is never far away, except for issues finding the office, I was going to be making phone calls in support of Mark Mitchell for Mayor in south Tempe.  The future is an open book, but in the meantime, I’m going to keep auditioning, because shows are something that just won’t go away!

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