Another “Major” Change! (And Shakespeare with Puppets?!)

It turns out I’m horrible at this journal, blog-posting thing.  But since my last post I was cast in MET’s Guys and Dolls with Kyle C. Greene directing and choreographing.  I was a mission doll and I even got to hit a couple high C’s ;).  There was also a cabaret night were cast members could perform numbers from the upcoming season and any song they wanted to–and I was invited to sing with an autoharp!  I had never seen one of those before, and it was a pleasure to sing with it.  There is a video somewhere on facebook, though I’m not sure what the privacy settings are…

Additionally, I auditioned for Class 6 Theater’s Comedy of Errors, cast as half human performers and half puppeteers!  I was offered the role of female swing understudy, my first swing.  So I’m currently trying to memorize as much of Comedy of Errors as possible and attend a few puppeteering workshops–thank goodness it’s a shorter play.

I am now a vocal student of Anne Kopta, a professor at ASU, and I’m definitely hearing changes in my voice!  She’s been encouraging me to focus a little more in my studies and perhaps look at the ASU lyric opera school and musical theater major (couldn’t they have a minor, please?).  So I am no longer a biology major, just a Global Studies major and Statistics minor and I am looking at auditioning for ASU’s program, or just auditioning more and trying to fit in learning opportunities where I can.  I believe over the summer I will be taking Music Theory at CGC, I tested online into a slightly more advanced theory level, so I’m hoping to take advantage of that!

Expect another post, oh, maybe a year from now X)

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