A little night EDM (my first attempt!)

Woah!  Since moving to the LA area I’ve been really trying to do as much stuff outside of my comfort zone as I can. And one of the first one was trying a new style of music that I’ve NEVER touched before! Hence my first experiment with Electronic Dance Music.

I found a posting on Backstage.com from a man in the Netherlands (hell yeah, international!) asking to collaborate with singer/songwriter’s on his beats.  I listened to several of his beats and prior collaborations to see how the process worked and what he was looking for, and I noticed a lot of the songs were about love or finding the one or partying, and there was one he had titled “Feeling a Bit Sick” because he built the beat when he was sick.

But it was perfect! Because that was exactly how I had been feeling since first moving out. Just a little uneasy, because nothing was familiar yet, I wasn’t sure of any step I took in any direction, everything was just floating without anchor. So I chose to write for that beat inspired by that title.  THAT’S RIGHT I wrote the vocal melody and ALL THE LYRICS for this EDM song we collaborated on. I even tried editing it myself on Garageband and thought I didn’t make it sound to bad! But I didn’t love it and he offered to edit it using his more experienced software and I said absolutely.

So here it is! My new experiment: https://soundcloud.com/luzami-lizangel/feeling-a-bit-sick-feat-emilie-doering

I might try to make a music video using it! Who knows? Any ideas? Put them down in the comments!


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The dorky diva herself. Obvi.

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