My first LA short film!

Just had my first two 12-hour shoots here in Burbank!  Got cast as an easily-flustered, but well-meaning nurse with a crush on a hot doctor and a lot of caring tenderness for her favorite patient.  It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life!

It was a student film, but one of the most incredible and moving scripts I’ve ever read. Each time I re-read it, I found more that interested me or surprised me or made me care.  Because all the students in the Woodbury university program are required to assist each other on their theses, all the crew and creative team already gelled and we were DONE EARLY EACH DAY OF SHOOTING. That never happens!!!  Also, I liked all my fellow actors, and everyone was supportive, and I could go on with my positive feelings towards this project.

Anyway, it’s going to premier at Woodbury University and AFI in Los Angeles, and then be entered into whatever competitions and festivals the project can afford with its remaining budget.  You might see me posting about this project again if we need to do some fundraising for the festivals!

Sometimes, you get lucky, and you get to do something that means something to you.

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