An Agent-a-day keeps the lack of motivation away!

So I’m finally getting into a groove here in LA.  With the exception of wild outliers like throwing out my back and being stuck for a couple days, I make time to take care of myself, take care of my bills and errands and grocery shopping, take classes for my voice, my acting, and my funny-bone–the list goes on.

Currently, I’m working at least three jobs (waitressing, tutoring, and online content-editing) and I’ll be honest keeping tracking of when I’m doing which has become a fourth job. So I’m not necessarily on top of everything. And I had to turn down a project that would have paid me $1000 (holy shit, right?) because on some level I knew the project wasn’t right for me at the time.  The point is, I believe 100% that everything I’m doing is exactly what I’m supposed to be right now to keep myself growing and ready for whatever stage my career takes on next.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s going very quickly, and I could really use the income boost of a couple commercials or exposure to more early work that could keep bulking up my resume.  I’m finding that I apply less and less on Actorsaccess and Backstage because I’ve been burned more about the professionalism of some of the projects (excepting my most recent student film that was an amazing, incredible experience, and I couldn’t BE more excited about).  I’m finding I really need the guidance of an agent or manager ASAP.

When I first got out here I applied a whole bunch to agents, and just drove around dropping off headshots left and right.  And (of course), nada.  I’d just barely been to LA, had nothing from here on my resume, I understand that they don’t know I’m amazing and fantastic yet ;P.  But instead of “waiting until the stars align” and applying all at once when I need an agent the most, I’m just gonna start treating it like water-torture.  One submission a day to a different agent I have heard or read about as legitimate.  Not too much work, so I don’t get burnt out, but always putting myself out there so I’m never resting on my laurels (which aren’t much).

Keep it coming!

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The dorky diva herself. Obvi.

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