Evening(s) of Opera!

Next up! A night of opera scenes. If you’re not sure if you like opera or not, this is PERFECT for you. ‘Cause it’s just the highlights. It’s great scene after great scene from some of the most famous and beautiful operas to grace the stage, performed by amazingly talented emerging artists–local and international. And if you use discount code AVA9452 it’s more affordable than a popcorn and movie night!

I will be performing the roles of Adina from L’Elisir d’Amore, Maria from West Side Story, and Donna Elvira from Don Giovanni in some of their iconic scenes with a chamber orchestra! Most of my scenes perform on Saturday night, at 7:30 at the Westerbeck Recital Hall in Pasadena. It’s kind of a dream come true.

So if you want to see a little night opera, and get an idea of all the cheating, kissing, hair pulling, slapping, drinking, and serenading that happens at the Opera–this is your show!

Published by Emilie

The dorky diva herself. Obvi.

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