New headshots, who dis?

After a whirlwind month with the incredible Angels Vocal Arts program, and a much needed south-of-the-border escape, I came back to LA ready to hit the pavement, which started with new headshots.  By sheer psychic ability, an old director and mentor of mine (who runs the Megaw Actors Studio in AZ for all my peeps back home!) that I was corresponding with mentioned she knew some excellent photographers in LA who also act on stage and screen, run their own businesses, and sing. So that’s how I came to find Mary Ann Halpin and Joe Croyle.

This woman actually took the time to get to know me, to find out what I needed in this next package of headshots (which was a lot considering I was trying to tackle some new looks for print “realism” shots and traditional opera glamour!), and to explore a variety of characters and emotions. Each new look was a new playlist, and if you know a musician you know what music does to our body language! I found characters and sides of me I had long forgotten, or didn’t even know I had! In starting the long process of reviewing the photos and exploring my favorites, I found in photo I looked nearly 16, and another, I almost thought I could pull-off a youthful 30-something…  There was an earthy woman, a vulnerable woman, a pull-no-punches business woman, and (perhaps most importantly) a diva.

If you have to have new headshots done, never miss the chance to rediscover yourself. In some pictures, my mother and grandmother and aunt all found the crinkly-smiling girl I once was. In others, I found the musical artist I wish to become.  I enjoyed each different style and genre, but it was when Joan Sutherland played in the background and I stood tall and proud imaging myself walking onto the stage of my dreams that I think I took some of the best pictures I’ve ever taken in my life. If you’ve ever doubted which industry or path you’re taking, have a camera stare you in the eye and see what you might not be able to see for yourself. It might just tell you exactly what you need to hear.

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The dorky diva herself. Obvi.

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