Next up — Iphigenia in Aulis!

For perhaps the first time in my life someone called ME asking if I was interested in an opportunity! And to think I almost hung up thinking it was a robocall! (Thank god for the understanding and kindness of the woman on the line).

In September, I will be understudying all the female chorus roles in Court Theatre’s production of Iphigenia in Aulisat the Getty Villa. They needed someone who’s a quick-learner and an excellent singer, and I’m happy to earn that reputation every chance I get!  So unfortunately, this is not a job you’ll be able to see me in (hopefully at least!), but this is a job I couldn’t be more excited to do.

If you don’t about the Court Theatre is an equity house in Chicago associated with the university there that brings new life to classics (my favorite!) and champions incredible works in the African American canon. I believe they mounted the world premiere of the play adaption “Native Son” which recently swept Arizona in Stray Cat Theatre’s production. The point is, this is exactly the kind of theatre I want to be doing and I couldn’t be more excited to get started.


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