The Reviews are in! — Newsies at Phoenix Theatre had a long, sold-out run!

“It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s a genuine, theatrical thrill. It’s where a regional production surpasses the enjoyment of either the Broadway show or the National Tour. It happened last year with Stray Cat Theatre’s American Idiot. It’s happened again, this time at Phoenix Theatre…Unless you’re already familiar with the score through repeated plays, the music tends to blend. And while they’re workable in the moment, none stand out, with the exception of Katherine’s humorous Sondheim inspired Watch What Happens, terrifically performed by Doering as her character voices her doubts regarding her writing abilities…It’s a large cast, all of whom from the youngest to the oldest deliver, but those you’ll remember the most include the above-mentioned Doering’s hugely likable Katherine, Rusty Ferracane’s Pulitzer, who with his graying wig and thick gray beard makes an impressive villain without overdoing the villainous snarls, Chanel Bragg’s vaudeville entertainer Medda Larkin (she tears the house down with her big number That’s Rich) and the show’s central character.”

Newsies the Musical – Theatre Review: Phoenix Theatre, Phoenix

” Emilie Doering is appropriately feisty and spunky as Katherine, the headstrong reporter out to prove herself, and, like Gish, has a beautiful singing voice and a natural and strong delivery.”

“What a local triumph!…Outstanding contributions come from Rusty Ferracane who is masterful as Pulitzer, and  Emilie Doering who is a feisty Katherine, Pulitzer’s daughter but a supporter of the newsies.”

“Newsies” – Phoenix Theatre

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One thought on “The Reviews are in! — Newsies at Phoenix Theatre had a long, sold-out run!

  1. I love Newsies. I saw it on tour in August of 2016 so Newsies is a very new meaningful musical in my life

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