I’ve been “pinned”!

Once again I’m taking baby steps, but at least I’m moving!

Thankfully, when I got the call from this super savvy female casting director that she wanted to “pin me” for the commercial I had auditioned for, it was not my first time hearing this term!  I had a couple established LA friends whom I plied for coffee and wisdom when I first moved out here who explained to me the ins and outs of the many stages of finally, actually booking something.

For the family members rooting for me, “booking” is when I actually get cast, get paid, and get put on a screen somewhere (even if it’s just a commercial that runs on Youtube before your video!).  That’s the beautiful dream.  But of course, you have to audition first, get called back if they like you, and then this little thing happens where you can get “pinned.” No, it’s not like a 50s love interest situation.

Essentially, when things move out here they move FAST and scheduling is crucial. A casting director doesn’t want to have a producer fall in love with you only to find out you booked something else in the week and a half it took to make the decision about you. So if they like you, they call you and “pin” you to let you know you’re in the finalist stack. Now it’s not up to the casting directors anymore, it’s up to the money people.  Maybe the casting director gave them a blond family option, brunette, short family, quirky family… and maybe which group you fit into isn’t the one the money people pick. Everything up to this point is skill and fit and confidence, but the last bit is all luck and what the producers want. So all that hullabaloo for nada.

Except! What being pinned means is that you were good enough to do the commercial. You walked into that room and the casting director saw someone they could trust, whom they thought was talented, and whom they liked. So really, you won. Every time you can do something like that is a time you make a fan out of someone who might hire you in the future. Every time you do that is a sign you’ll be able to do that again someday. That maybe an agent should want you because you’re good enough to book (they know as well as anyone the last bit is luck, they just want to know they can trust you with all the rest of it).

So just like Nala here, pin me once, pin me again 🙂

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The dorky diva herself. Obvi.

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