Angels Vocal Art – Emerging Artists

July is a slow month in LA–so why not hit the training hard?  I’m diving head first into an young artist program with the Angels Vocal Art program.  Every morning, we’re attacking Commedia del Arte techniques and characters (I have to admit, my favorite is Pantalone, even though I’ll never get to play him…) andContinue reading “Angels Vocal Art – Emerging Artists”

“There is no try” — Yoda

So this is gonna be a reflective post, rather that an update post.  But I’ve been getting a lot of the same advice across the board recently–singing lessons, Meisner classes, from my mother… all variations of the Nike trademark “just do it.”  Sometimes even “stop trying so hard!”  Which, I’ll admit, to my over-achiever brain,Continue reading ““There is no try” — Yoda”

Afternoon Tea with Schubert… and me!

Remember the days when artists and scientists and citizens gathered together in a nice open room and shared music and stories and philosophies?  Neither do I because the practice died long before I came around–but I always dreamed of getting to participate in something like the Salons of yore and now I have the chance!! CenterContinue reading “Afternoon Tea with Schubert… and me!”

Opera, Opera, and more опера

For those of you wondering where to see me next!  My next projects include being in the chorus of Independent Opera Company’s performances of Tchaikovsky’s “Queen of Spades”–which for those who know opera is his second and arguably more beautiful opera based on Pushkin’s literature (Eugin Onegin), and for those who don’t know this opera is based on aContinue reading “Opera, Opera, and more опера”

My first movie “premiere”!

Two weeks ago on Friday was my very first movie premiere!  Recollecting Elle is a short film by a student of Woodbury University in Burbank, CA and was premiered with the senior thesis films around the time of graduation.  The incredible Ashley Paz was our director, writer, and executive producer.  It was my first time seeing myselfContinue reading “My first movie “premiere”!”

Center Stage Opera Young Artist Competition!

I’ve been so remiss! I haven’t kept everyone up to date! Most recently I made it to the Final Live Concert round of the Center Stage Opera Young Artist Competition! The 5 Young Artist, the 3 High School, and 5 Young Professional finalists performed two pieces live for a panel of judges from the LA Opera.Continue reading “Center Stage Opera Young Artist Competition!”

“Native Son” at Stray Cat Theatre Review – Guest Author Momaconda

Top Ten Reasons to See Native Son at Stray Cat Theatre THIS WEEKEND. NOW. Click this link and buy tickets and reschedule other things to go see this show. So much talent in one room, you will think you are in New York. See these actors now while you can afford tickets. Debutantes hold the Money ofContinue reading ““Native Son” at Stray Cat Theatre Review – Guest Author Momaconda”

Bullets over Phoenix Theatre!

It’s not quite Broadway… but I’m started on my next regional theatre project!  I’m gonna be Ellen — the intellectual, over-intense, but secretly-middle-class-longing-for-simple-things girlfriend of the angsty playwright, David — in Phoenix Theatre’s upcoming production of Bullets Over Broadway. So for the next seven weeks I’ll be back in my hometown, rehearsing my butt offContinue reading “Bullets over Phoenix Theatre!”

First Professional Recording!

So, I’ve been having quite the adventure. Through a series of online submissions I found myself in contact with THE Philip Springer, composer of “Santa Baby”–a song I have grown-up singing every Christmas Eve at the neighborhood luminary night–and hired to record an original composition of his! After a couple rehearsals, some time exploring theContinue reading “First Professional Recording!”