An Agent-a-day keeps the lack of motivation away!

So I’m finally getting into a groove here in LA.  With the exception of wild outliers like throwing out my back and being stuck for a couple days, I make time to take care of myself, take care of my bills and errands and grocery shopping, take classes for my voice, my acting, and myContinue reading “An Agent-a-day keeps the lack of motivation away!”

Another “Major” Change! (And Shakespeare with Puppets?!)

It turns out I’m horrible at this journal, blog-posting thing.  But since my last post I was cast in MET’s Guys and Dolls with Kyle C. Greene directing and choreographing.  I was a mission doll and I even got to hit a couple high C’s ;).  There was also a cabaret night were cast membersContinue reading “Another “Major” Change! (And Shakespeare with Puppets?!)”