Perspective of a Heist – Binary Theater (ASU!)

BAM!  Already on to the next project, things are moving a lot faster than I thought they would. The project of the next week (practically literally just the next week, the performance is on Sunday the 18th 7pm) is this series of one acts called “First Base” through the brand new and totally awesome BinaryContinue reading “Perspective of a Heist – Binary Theater (ASU!)”

The Aum’s Law – Gettin’ EXTRA Crazy!

So my most recent project turns out to be being an extra (for the first time, baby!) for a great film called The Aum’s Law.  Which means this past Labor day weekend went by a little too fast (definitely did not get as much homework as I intended to done) but instead I got toContinue reading “The Aum’s Law – Gettin’ EXTRA Crazy!”

Education Situation Flash Mob–I mean Flash “Sing” :)

This should hopefully give a message LOUD (and clear) to the AZ legislation: STOP cutting funding to public education!  This is infuriating countless citizens who understand Arizona has a lot of potential, but not if we keep cutting it off at the knees.  We are only 51st in the nation for funding.  We were 30th basedContinue reading “Education Situation Flash Mob–I mean Flash “Sing” :)”